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Godkendt Katteri hos Jyrak
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Our females

At the moment we have 5 females living with us. One is neutered while the others are fertile and meant to be used for breeding in the future.


Our breeding females:


Soyadi's Anamur

Soyadi's Anamur (Malou):

EMS-code: TUV d 62
Born: 3rd of March 2003

Soyadi's Anamur is called Malou in our house. She is our first Turkish Van cat and also the cat of our son. She has had 4 litters in our home.

Here you will find a link to her pedigree.




Cami-Van Sevimli hayvan


GIC - Cami-Van Sevimli hayvan:

EMS-code: TUV d 62
born: 18th of June 2009

Cami-Van Sevimli hayvan is in daily talk called Cami.
We got her from our dear friend in Czech Republic in hope that she would fit to our studboy Safkan Kedi's Zeus.

Here you will find a link to her pedigree



breeding females in the future:

Safkan Kedi's Grace Kelly


Safkan Kedi's Grace Kelly:

EMS-code: TUV d 62
Born 15th of July 2011

Safkan Kedi's Grace Kelly is a kitten from our H-litter. Her mother is our Czech cat Cami-Van Sevimli hayvan and her father is our SC-Safkan Kedi's Zeus.
We had chosen to keep Grace in our home in hope that she will continue our auburn/white line in the future.

Here you will find a link to her pedigree


TurkishDelight Mavi Topaz


TurkishDelight Mavi Topaz:

EMS-code: TUV g 61
born: 9th of September 2011

TurkishDelight Mavi Topaz is our new breeding and showcat. We hope that she will be the one to start up a seperated line of deluted colors - mainly blue and blue-tortie.

She might be one of the smartest cats we have ever seen and she likes to do a lot of tricks in our home.

Here you will find a link to her pedigree




Neutered females:

Safkan Kedi's Victoria


Safkan Kedi's Victoria:

EMS-code: TUV f 63
Born: 7th of June 2005

Victoria is from our first litter and an incredible feminin girl. She has a fantastic type but unfortunately her markings is not that good. Victoria also has the most charming eyes with one blue and one green that gives the perfect odd-eyed look.

Victoria had 4 litters in our house before we had to neuter her. Only one of her offspring ended in a breeding program.

Here you will find a link to her pedigree




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