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Pernille Kristensen
Mads T. Olesen
Kaj Munks Vej 1
9000 Aalborg
Tlf.: +45 9814 3099

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Godkendt Katteri hos Jyrak
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Our Males

At the moment we have one active studboy and 3 neutered of which one of them is a turkish angora.
It is very difficult to keep a male intact and therefore we had chosen only to have one fertile male at a time. Our males are only fertile for a shorter period of time.


Our studboy:


SC - Safkan Kedi's Zeus

SC - Safkan Kedi's Zeus:

EMS-code: TUV d 62
Born: 29th of June 2008

Safkan Kedi's Zeus is from our own breeding. We chose him to be the cat who would continue our breeding program because of his beauty and temperament.
Zeus has also been mated with females outside our cattery but only with females that we have known the owner of and that has the right vaccinations.

Here you will find a link to his pedigree.



Neutered Turkish Van Cats:



EC - Little Tim Van Kedi vom Glasbach

EMS-code: TUV a 62
Born: 1st of April 2006

Little Tim is called Tim at our home and he was our first real breeding male.
He was born in Eastern Germany and was a Christmas present for me.
I am very attached to Tim who has a very unique temperament.
Tim has made a lot of very nice kittens and he has always had a great joy in nursing his kittens.
Tim is the first blue turkish van cat who got the title European (Supreme) Champion in Denmark and from what we know of also in all FIFé.

Here you will find a link to his pedigree


Safkan Kedi's Pierre Curie


SP - Safkan Kedi's Pierre Curie (DSM):

EMS-code: TUV e 62
Born: 13th of May 2006

Safkan Kedi's Pierre Curie is from our second litter.
We chose to keep Pierre because we wanted a showcat and therefore we neutered him early.
Pierre had given us a lot of pleasure and much more than we could have expected from any cat.
He is the most winning Turksih Van cat ever within FIFé, and the only one who has got the title DSM. He has won more than 40 BIS and has become a topcat in JYRAK serveral times (2012).

Here you will find a link to his pedigree



Neutered Turkish Angora:

jens - tyrkisk angora


SP Alisan von Frankenthal:

EMS-code: TUA w 62
Born: 1st of September 2002

Alisan is called Jens.
We got him when he was a year old and at that time he already had his name.
He was ment to be a friend of Malou who at that time was a small kitten who missed a catfriend.
The two cats became good friends at first but unfortunately this friendship did not last when they grew up.

Here you will find a link to his pedigree




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