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Malou - Tyrkisk Van avlshun

Soyadi's Anamur

EMS-code: TUV d 62
Born: 3rd March 2003

Soyadi’s Anamur or as we call her Malou was our first purebred cat. We got her in 2005 and she was purchased with intend of using her for breeding. At that time we also had our old domestic cat which we hoped Malou could play with. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. My old cat died from cancer shortly after we got Malou and she became the only cat in the house.
We soon realized that our little kitten missed another cat to keep her company so therefore we started looking for a playmate for her.

Soyadi's Anamur (Malou)


Before we found the right cat Malou developed a strong bond with our son and still today she is very fond of him. If we are telling him off Malou instantly comes to his defence. She is crazy about kids and at birthday parties she really enjoys herself.
Malou loves to go for walks with a line. We take her outside in all kinds of weather and although she dislikes frost in her paws she still likes to go out for a walk in the snow. In 2005 Malou had her first litter.



Malous Birthweight: 122 g.
Weight 3 years old: 4,5 kg.


Malou has got the kittens:

   A-litter - Born 6th of June 2005:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Joachim (TUV e 62) - Neutered - got one litter.
  2. Safkan Kedi's Cleopatra (TUV f 62) - Fertile -got one litter
  3. Safkan Kedi's Victoria (TUV f 63) - Neutered - got 4 litters.


   B-litter - Born 13th of May 2006:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Henri Becquerel (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Marie Curie (TUV g 62) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Pierre Curie (TUV e 62) - Neutered


   D-litter - Born 8th of August 2007:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Dash (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Dina (TUV g 62) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Darling (TUV f 62) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Dilian (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  5. Safkan Kedi's Diana (TUV f 62) - Fertile - No litters.


   G-litter - Born 29th of June 2008:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Apollon (TUV e 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Zeus (TUV f 62) - Fertile - got 4 litters (2012)
  3. Safkan Kedi's Dionosys (TUV e 62) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Hefaistos (TUV f 62) - Neutered
  5. Safkan Kedi's Gaia (TUV f 63) - Fertile - No litters
  6. Safkan Kedi's Hera (TUV g 62) - Fertile - Got one litter.


All in all Soyadi's Anamur has had 17 kittens of which 5 of them has been used for breeding. Three of them has only been used once in a breeding program.


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