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safkan Kedi's Victoria

Safkan Kedi's Victoria

EMS-code: TUV f 63
Born: 7th of July 2005

Victoria is also named after royalty. She is named after the English Queen Victoria Alexandrina who was the longest reigning sovereign England has ever had.
We chose this name for her because right from birth she was a true fighter.
She was the largest kitten in the litter and was constantly struggling to get to the food as the first. This fondness for food she has maintained.
Other than that Victoria is an extremely charming cat. She has the most perfect odd-eyed look which makes her irresistible. She is a quite little kitty that love attention but do not demand it. She does not like to much noise. She is used to children but does not really like children. She thinks children is sweetest when they are at sleep!

Safkan Kedi's Victoria

Victoria is very interested when cooking and at dinnertime. She loves to get a snack and has definite not a discerning taste. She loves a good cuddle but is a little more reserved than her brother. Victoria became a mother to her first litter in April 2007.


Victoria's Birthweight 108 g
Weight 1 year old: 3,7 kg
Weight 2 years old: 3,8 kg
Weight 7 years old: 4,8 kg



Victoria has had the following kittens:


   C-litter: Born the 14th of April 2007:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Thomas (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Tanya (TUV a 63) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Tulle (TUV n 63) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Timon (TUV a 63) - Neutered
  5. Safkan Kedi's Tim Junior (TUV a 62) - Neutered


   E-litter: Born the 13th of January 2008:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Evita (TUV a 63) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Emilia (TUV n 62) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Ewelina Flinta (TUV f 63) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Elvis Presley (TUV a 63) - Neutered


   F-litter: Born the 23th of June 2008:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Fighting Frida (TUV f 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Freja the Fighter (TUV f 63) - Fertile but with no litters.


   I-litter: Born the 17th of december 2011:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Isabella (TUV g 61) - Breeding cat in Münich, Germany.
  2. Safkan Kedi's Ismira (TUV d 61) - Neutered


Safkan Kedi's Victoria had in total 13 kittens and only one is placed in a breeding program.


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