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TurkishDelight Mavi Topaz

EMS-code: TUV g 61
Born: 9th September 2011

Topaz came to our house to start up a new line working on the blue/creme colors.
We really like her beautiful color variation which is not so common for Turkish Van cats. And her pretty blue eyes are also very charming.
We hope that she will be able to produce some very nice kittens over the next few years, and we are looking forward to presenting her at cat shows around Europe.




Topaz was from the beginning my little jewel. She has a fantastic temperament which I can applaud her breeder for.
Topaz is like all kittens very naughty but she is also incredible clever. She likes to watch her humans do all kind of stuff and afterwards see if it's something she can do. She therefore have learned how to open the water tap and do other kind of tricks.
She is a Turkish van who likes to play with water and it's almost impossible to keep a glass of water without her trying to take over the control.

If everything goes as planned  Topaz will have her first litter in 2013

Topaz blood group result is N/N, so she has the bloodtype A or "AB"



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