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SC - Little Tim Van Kedi vom Glasbach

EMS-code: TUV a 62
Born: 1st of April 2006

Little Tim, or as we call him: Tim. He is truly a mother loving cat and he is rarely very far away from me.
Tim was bought in Germany and he was our first studboy. He has over the years made quite a few nice kittens and serveral of them have had great succes at catshows.
Unfortunately he has does not have much social skills himself and does not like strangers at all. But he does like to take part in nursing his kittens if the female lets him, and after he got neutered he still likes to be a playmate to the kittens.
In 2008 Tim got the titel Supreme Champion which is the highest ordinary titel a cat can get. As far as we know he is the only blue Turkish van cat with that titel in Europe.



Tim really like his mother and is alway right next to me. He very rarely make big disasters at home but it might be because he is slightly overweighted.

Tim has only mated with females in our house and have never been used in a breedingprogram of breeders outside our house.

Tim has over the years had 22 kittens in which only a few has been placed in a breeding program. This is something we have chosen to do to create our own unique line for the futhure.

When Tim arrived to our home he was tested to have bloodtype A.


Tim has got the following kittens:

Tim became the father of 22 kittens. Two of these ended up in a breedingprogram in which the one of them only had one litter while the other one became the breeding male in our home..


C-litter: Born 14th of April 2007:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Thomas (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Tanya (TUV a 63) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Tulle (TUV n 63) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Timon (TUV a 63) - Neutered
  5. Safkan Kedi's Tim Junior (TUV a 62) - Neutered


D-litter: Born 8th of August 2007:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Dash (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Dina (TUV g 62) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Darling (TUV f 62) - Neutere
  4. Safkan Kedi's Dilian (TUV d 62) - Neutered
  5. Safkan Kedi's Diana (TUV f 62) - Fertile in Germany but no litters.


E-litter: Born 13rd of Januar 2008:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Evita (TUV a 63) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Emilia (TUV n 62) - Neutered
  3. Safkan Kedi's Ewelina Flinta (TUV f 63) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Elvis Presley (TUV a 63) - Neutered


F-litter: Born 23rd of June 2008

  1. Safkan Kedi's Fighting Frida (TUV f 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Freja the Fighter (TUV f 63) - Fertile in Holland but no litters


G-litter: Born 29th of June 2008:

  1. Safkan Kedi's Apollon (TUV e 62) - Neutered
  2. Safkan Kedi's Zeus (TUV f 62) - Studboy at us - 3 litters
  3. Safkan Kedi's Dionosys (TUV e 62) - Neutered
  4. Safkan Kedi's Hefaistos (TUV f 62) - Neutered
  5. Safkan Kedi's Gaia (TUV f 63) - Fertile in Poland but no litters
  6. Safkan Kedi's Hera (TUV g 62) - Fertile in Denmark - one litter.



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